Filming Ultimate

About NGN

NGN (NexGen Network) is an online television network specializing in live broadcasts of Ultimate Frisbee.

Josh Wardle and Kevin Minderhout started filming Ultimate in 2011 as part of the NexGen Ultimate Tour. We wanted more from Ultimate videos, so we started using two cameras — one capturing highlights and the other an elevated perspective from midfield.

The cameras recorded independently and Josh spent many long hours cramped in a hot corner of the NexGen bus editing together the footage. We were producing and delivering full games in less than 48 hours. This was amazing.

Four months later, USA Ultimate hired us to create coverage for the 2011 Club Championships. We live-streamed 12 games over four days and brought together all the staple elements of an NGN broadcast: expert commentary, multiple camera angles, graphics and instant replays.

We officially founded NGN in 2012 after hundreds of individuals and organizations crowdfunded more than $25,000 to get us started. We’ve since broadcasted many of the world’s top events including the 2012 WFDF World Ultimate & Guts Championships in Osaka, Japan.

We love supporting the growth and development of Ultimate through our videos and hope you enjoy watching them as much as we do creating them.