• What is NGN?
    NGN (short for NexGen Network) is an on-line television network dedicated to live streaming the world's best Ultimate Frisbee games and events.
  • Do I need to register an account to watch a game on NGN?
    Yes. You will need an account to purchase and watch games on NGN. To create an account click on the "signup" link in the top right corner of this page.
  • Can I watch NGN on my mobile device or tablet?
    Yes. NGN supports all HTML5 and Flash capable devices. All recent phone and tablet models should support one of these protocols. Please check your individual device to confirm compatibility.

Technical Help


  • How much does it cost to watch a game on NGN?
    Games are $5 each or come available in tournament packages ranging from $15-$30. Bundle deals combine packages or unique sets of games for the best possible pricing.
  • How do I watch a game once I've purchased it?
    You can see a list of games your account has access to from the user dashboard. Once you've logged in your dashboard can be accessed by clicking on 'dashboard' in the navigation bar. A play button will appear when a game is available for live or on-demand viewing.
  • What's included in a game?
    You will get access to live and on-demand feeds for that video. This access generally lasts until the end of a calendar year. Please see the checkout page or your dashboard for specifics.
  • What's included in a tournament package?
    A tournament package comes with live and on-demand video access to all games of a specific event or bundle.
  • How soon will games be available on-demand?

    We strive to have all games available on-demand in less than 24 hours. In general, games will be available as soon as we are able to access a good upstream Internet connection. Depending on where we are filming this can be anywhere from several hours to 24 hours.

  • How long will video on-demand games be available?
    All games from 2014 will be available on-demand until December 31, 2014. Games will subsequently be published on YouTube.


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