With all the top championship contenders in attendance, a tournament win here all but guarantees a #1 seed at Nationals.

Includes 4 men's and 4 women's games. 8 total.

Emerald City Classic August 30 - 31 $15.00
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Date Time (PDT) Game Division Type
8/30 9:00am Brute Squad vs Showdown Womens Pool Play
8/30 11:00am Revolver vs Machine Mens Pool Play
8/30 3:00pm Sockeye vs Johnny Bravo Mens Pool Play
8/30 5:00pm Riot vs Traffic Womens Pool Play
8/31 11:00am Riot vs Scandal Womens Semifinal
8/31 1:00pm Chain Lightning vs Machine Mens Semifinal
8/31 3:00pm Riot vs Brute Squad Womens Final
8/31 5:00pm Ironside vs Machine Mens Final

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